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Several warrants in Norfolk VA are often used in legal procedures. A judge-issued arrest warrant is the most common type, allowing police to detain a suspect based on criminal allegations.
A “search warrant” is a popular term for a court order authorizing police to search a person’s residence or vehicle for evidence of a crime.

The judge may issue bench warrants if the defendant fails to appear in court.

Norfolk Warrant Search Options.

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office (NPD Warrant Search)
811 City Hall Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: (757) 664-4700
Active Warrant Search

Norfolk Crimeline
Most Wanted Suspects

Norfolk Police Department
3661 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: (757) 664-7000
Active Warrant Search

Circuit Court (Felony)
150 St Paul’s Blvd. 7th Fl Norfolk, VA 23510
Public Search Terminal – Yes

General District Court (Misdemeanor)
150 St. Pauls Blvd Norfolk, VA 23510
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Warrants in Norfolk Can Be Located Online

You can ask the court clerk to do a Norfolk warrant search if you believe someone is wanted on an outstanding warrant.
Upon request, they may provide a comprehensive list of all outstanding warrants in their service region.
Contacting the police or sheriff and requesting that they investigate is another option. All active warrants are accessible on their website or upon request for public records.
Private databases that are commercially accessible national search portals can also be very helpful.

Court Records May Be Accessed By The Public

You may search the Norfolk court’s records for a warrant. By inputting a name or a case number, one may search for criminal records online.
If you are aware of the county where the warrant was issued, you can restrict your search to that area.

Wanted Persons List of the Norfolk Sheriff's Office

The police department can assist you in searching for outstanding Norfolk warrant information. With the help of the local sheriff or police, it is possible to identify any outstanding warrants in the region.
On occasion, law enforcement will make warrant paperwork available on the internet.

Norfolk Bench Warrants

A bench warrant permits an individual’s arrest and attendance in court.
The judge may issue a Norfolk bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest if he or she fails to appear in court for a scheduled hearing or violates a court order.

Norfolk Arrest Warrants

A judge’s function in the criminal justice system involves the issue of arrest warrants when crimes are committed.
The Norfolk police have the right to transport the criminal to jail with this warrant. Unless they are present at the commission of the crime, the police cannot make a random arrest without a warrant.

Warrant For Fugitive Arrest

Any state or county may request the extradition of a person wanted for criminal activity in another state.
If the authorities in the location where the crime was committed issue a fugitive warrant, the authorities in the offender’s current area must make an arrest and return them to the location where the crime was done.

Search Warrant

The principal requirement for obtaining a search warrant is reasonable cause. A Norfolk warrant can be issued only if there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed and the targeted location has pertinent evidence.
For “probable cause” to exist, a reasonable person must infer that a crime was committed based on the facts or circumstances.

Norfolk Warrant Searches For Free

There are a few free ways to check for an outstanding Norfolk warrant if you or someone you know is a suspect in a crime or has failed to appear in court.
Since many states and counties now make public records, including warrants, available online, you should begin your search there.

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