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Norfolk criminal records offer insights into an individual’s past, detailing any convictions and the situations surrounding them. Accessing such records can help people evaluate the reliability and risk of others and avoid those with questionable histories.

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Norfolk VA Local Criminal Record Resources

Circuit Court (Felony)
150 St Paul’s Blvd. 7th Fl Norfolk, VA 23510
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

General District Court (Misdemeanor)
150 St. Pauls Blvd Norfolk, VA 23510
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office (NPD)
811 City Hall Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: (757) 664-4700
Inmate Lookup
Active Warrant Search
Criminal History / Background Checks
Sex Offender Registry

Norfolk Police Department
3661 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: (757) 664-7000
Active Warrant Search
Central Records Units

Norfolk Court Records

While public in many jurisdictions, court records might vary in availability based on location and the particular information needed. Numerous courts provide these records online; however, direct queries with the court clerk might yield better results.

Norfolk Police Records

Unlike a central database, police records in the U.S. are dispersed throughout state and local law enforcement agencies. Depending on the state, these records might be openly available, or their schedule could be restricted.

Arrest Info

Arrest records in Norfolk, an important component of criminal history, offer valuable insights into an individual’s past run-ins with the law. Most jurisdictions consider these public records, making them available through the arresting or booking agency.

Inmate Info

Norfolk inmate records are also important, revealing past convictions and an individual’s location if they are still in prison or jail. These records are accessible throughout all jurisdictions. Fundamental details like name, birthdate, and gender can help find these records faster.

Criminal Record Types:


While small, Norfolk infractions can still taint one’s criminal history, potentially affecting insurance rates and leading to the suspicion of a driver’s license.


Misdemeanors can impact background checks, impeding certain opportunities. However, not all Norfolk misdemeanors appear on these checks, particularly if they are older, sealed, or expunged.

Norfolk Felony Records

A Norfolk felony signifies a major crime, often punishable by more than a year’s imprisonment. Those convicted of such criminal offenses are frequently described as “felons.”.

Norfolk Sexual Offender Registry

To raise the safety of one’s life and the people around them, many will seek out sex offender data. Numerous techniques exist to obtain these details. Local Norfolk police departments can provide initial data on nearby sex offenders. Statewide and nationwide platforms offer more extensive databases.

Norfolk Dui/Dwi Info

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a mid-level offense. Consequences range from fines and incarceration to license suspension.

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