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It is pretty simple to search for an inmate if you know just where to look. There are many databases available on the web to the public. Most of such data sources will only show you who is presently in custody; some websites make it possible for you to view past reports, for anyone trying to look up another person’s historical past in Virginia. To properly locate an inmate, there are a few things you need to know, including the institution or, at the very least, the state they were arrested or taken to court.

Virginia Prison Inmate Search. (Virginia Department of Corrections VADOC).
Locate an Offender – https://vadoc.virginia.gov/
Most Wanted – https://vadoc.virginia.gov/general-public/most-wanted/

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The county jail is a district facility that falls under the administration of the county it is in. Virginia jails are made to hold individuals waiting for trial or new arrests for a short time. If a person is given a short sentence, it can be fulfilled at the county jail. Typically the county jails are run by local area Sherriff’s Departments, so they can be reached out to for any county inmate info except if it is a rare case of the city running the jail.

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A prison is a facility that falls under the state or federal authorities’ jurisdiction, whereby declared guilty offenders fulfill lengthier sentences. Individuals who have breached a Virginia state law are commonly sent to state prison facilities, while individuals who have done federal crimes are sent to federal facilities. A number of the state’s jails are independently operated by an enterprise with which the government has contracts with to retain their detainees. To discover an inmate in state prison, speak with the prison administrators or the state corrections department.

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Federal prisons house prisoners pronounced guilty of federal criminal offenses. A substantial portion of prisoners in federal prisons are either guilty of narcotic crimes, illegal monetary activities, and weapon-related crimes. Search for federal prison inmates in Virginia may be conducted with their online sites.

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Whether or not a companion or a family member is in jail is a topic that may occur at one point. People are normally taken to a Virginia jail right away upon arrest. They will stay in jail until their arraignment is final. The arraignment for an inmate will transpire a day after an inmate is taken into custody. If the arrest takes place on the weekend, they might need to wait until the next business day for their arraignment. The jail inmate will find out at their arraignment if paying bail is required for their release. Whenever the court determines bail, the inmate can pay for it and await their court date in the outside world. If the person does not make bail or the court does not permit it, they will stay behind bars up until the trial.

Recently Arrested: Apprehended individuals are brought to a jail in the city or jurisdiction where the violation took place. If the arresting county and the county where the crime was are different, the individual will be relocated to the county where the crime transpired. Your Virginia inmate search may not bear fruit until this transfer is finished.

Awaiting Trial: The Virginia offender will not be discharged from jail before court trial except if he or she posts bail or is released. Most people arrested will be allowed to go home and come back to court in situations that are not extreme. Some will remain behind bars up until the full case has been heard and completed.

After Sentencing: Policies vary between states and counties. Nonetheless, the sentenced given to an individual will play a significant role in determining where they serve their time. People with more than a year to do are typically sent to Virginia state prison; on the other hand, inmates who get shorter sentences frequently stay in county jails.

Federal Crimes: Anyone charged with breaking federal law may be kept in Virginia state prison before being transferred to the federal penitentiary.