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The criminal history of an inmate is documented in official inmate records in Hampton VA. Courts and law enforcement keep track of the whereabouts and activities of inmates using these records. It can also be used to educate the general public about a certain criminal.

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Newport News VA
Norfolk VA
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Hampton Resources.

Hampton Police Department (HPD Inmate Search)
40 Lincoln St, Hampton, VA 23669
Phone: (757) 727-6111
Inmate Information

Hampton Sheriff’s Office
135 High Ct Ln, Hampton, VA 23669
(757) 926-2540

Circuit Court (Felony)
237 N King St Hampton, VA 23669
Public Search Terminal – Yes

General District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
236 N King St, 2nd Fl Hampton, VA 23669
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Hampton Jail
135 High Ct Ln, Hampton, VA 23669
(757) 727-6203

Community Corrections Center
1928 West Pembroke Ave Hampton, VA 23661

Hampton Inmate Search Online

There are many ways to find online inmate records. You should look up the county jail or state DOC website where the inmate is housed or other websites that maintain online inmate data for a Hampton inmate search.
You can also use searchable inmate databases provided by private businesses.

Virginia Prison VS Hampton Jail

Criminally responsible people are housed in state prisons and Hampton jails, but there are some significant distinctions between the two. While those awaiting trial or serving less severe sentences are housed in local jails, those convicted of more serious crimes are kept in Virginia prisons. Jails are run by the county or local government, whereas the federal government, the state, or both run prisons.

Virginia Inmate Search

You can locate a Virginia prisoner using several techniques. One is to visit the website of the state’s Department of Corrections. Many states include an online inmate search feature that enables you to look up a specific inmate by name or ID number.
Another choice is private online search services. Even though these services aren’t free, they are worthwhile if finding an inmate swiftly is the main objective.

Hampton Jail Inmate Search

A few resources are available to help locate an inmate in Hampton jail. The first step is to identify the county holding the inmate.
Once you know where the inmate is, get in touch with the institution and ask about the detainee you’re seeking for.
You should be able to find the appropriate individual within the county jail with the employees’ assistance or use an internet inmate search tool to find them using their name or other identifying information.

Hampton Mugshots

Mugshots taken at Hampton jails are images of people who have been detained and taken into custody. Law enforcement organizations use these mugshots to identify criminals, typically taken after a person is first detained. In most circumstances, it can be accessed online on several websites that gather and disseminate this information.

Hampton Jail Log

Hampton jail logs are typically kept by the county sheriff’s office where an arrest was made. If you’d like a copy, you can call their office or look it up online on their website.

Hampton Jail Roster

A Hampton jail roster is a list of everyone who has been detained or has been arrested. The inmate’s name, birth date, charges against them, and bond amount are all listed on the roster.

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