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There are many reasons why Chesterfield County inmate records can be important. These records are important for the inmates and their families as they track where inmates are and what charges they have been facing. Law enforcement officers can also use inmate records to solve crimes.

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Chesterfield County Resources.

Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: 804-748-1261
9500 Courthouse Road Chesterfield, VA 23832
Jail Operations

Circuit Court (Felony)
9500 Courthouse Rd Chesterfield, VA 23832
Public Search Terminal – Yes

General District Court (Misdemeanor)
9500 Courthouse Rd Chesterfield, VA 23832
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Chesterfield County VA Jail
6900 Mimms Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23832

Cntrl Va Correctional Unit 13
6900 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832
(804) 796-4277

Chesterfield Women’s Diversion
7000 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832
(804) 796-4242

Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center
1900 Chatsworth Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23235
(804) 323-2550

Chesterfield County Inmate Search Online

To do a Chesterfield County inmate search, a website that facilitates this type of search is necessary. Once you have found a website, you can proceed with your search for prisoners by name, race, and inmate number. Once you find the inmate you are looking for, you can usually find important information about them and whether an inmate has been released or is still in jail or prison.

Virginia Prison VS Chesterfield County Jail

County jails and state prisons are two correctional facilities with different functions, populations, and who manages them. For instance, prisons are run by federal or state governments, while local governments operate jails. In addition, most jail inmates have been convicted of a misdemeanor, a lesser-severe crime, while inmates in prison are convicted for serious crimes or felonies.

Virginia Inmate Search

There are many ways to find out if someone is currently in prison or which prison they are in. One option is to directly contact the prison to ask whether the person you’re looking for is in that facility. You also have the option to search online using an online tool like the Inmate Locator, which is available on the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website. You might also want to search public records for information about criminal records.

Chesterfield County Jail Inmate Search

There are many ways to find out the identity of someone in a Chesterfield County jail. The first step in your search is to get the name and address of the individual you’re looking for. The county sheriff can be contacted to assist with your query. Another option is to search an online database that specializes in inmate searches. Simply fill in the required fields and hit Search. In most cases, you can view basic information about an inmate, including their mugshot, charges, and current housing assignment.

Chesterfield County Mugshots

Chesterfield County mugshots are photographs of individuals whom the sheriff took. These photos are taken during an inmate’s booking and are mainly used to identify criminal suspects. The county jail mugshots can usually be found in the sheriff’s office, on the internet, or in local papers.

Chesterfield County Jail Log

Chesterfield County jail logs are publicly available records, which means the public can request access from any government agency to view or get them. The logs contain information about the inmates’ names, their time when they were held in jail, information about their release dates, and other pertinent information. Journalists, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings and criminal justice system can use this data to their advantage.

Chesterfield County Jail Roster

There are several ways to locate an inmate from a Chesterfield County jail roster. You can contact the jail directly to request the information from the jail roster. You can also search it online using a public record database. This is sometimes difficult to navigate, so you can also opt to search through a private database. You can search for inmates regardless of the method. You just need to know the correct information of their full names and birth dates to find them accurately.

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