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Arlington County criminal records act as important resources for background checks. They provide insights into an individual’s criminal past, detailing their convictions. This information is vital for vetting people or evaluating risk. While you can directly request these records from the pertinent court, many prefer the speed and convenience of online databases.

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Arlington County VA Local Criminal Record Resources

Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $4,500, Probate)
1425 N Courthouse Rd # 6100 Arlington, VA 22201
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

General District Court (Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims)
1425 N Courthouse Rd, Rm 2400 Arlington, VA 22201
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Arlington County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO)
1425 N Courthouse Rd # 9100, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 228-4460
Public Records
Sex Offender Registry

Arlington County Police Department
1425 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 558-2222
Police Records

Arlington County Court Records

To access Arlington County criminal records, visit the courthouse in the jurisdiction where the criminal activity transpired. Given these are public records, you should efficiently locate the required details.

Arlington County Police Records

Numerous avenues exist for obtaining police records in Arlington County VA. For individual criminal history checks, start with your local police department. Many departments offer online forms, but you can request them in person.

Arrest Info

The digital age has streamlined online searches for Arlington County arrest records. However, while browsing, remember not all arrest records are publicly accessible online. In some cases, a request will need to be made.

Inmate Info

Whether you’re seeking information about a detained person or verifying someone’s Arlington County background, online public inmate reports can be advantageous. However, not all regions, especially smaller counties, provide their jail records online. Significant cities or counties generally have these records online.

Criminal Record Types:


Traffic infractions in Arlington County VA, such as speeding or failing to yield, are small legal offenses resulting in fines. Non-traffic infractions, like littering or trespassing, are similar offenses unassociated with vehicles, leading to fines.


Arlington County misdemeanors, less extreme than felonies, typically lead to fines, probation, or incarceration in local county jails instead of state or federal jails.

Arlington County Felony Records

Felonies emerge on criminal background checks. Exceptions exist, such as those involved with juveniles, but most felonies will emerge throughout a criminal history examination in Arlington County VA.

Arlington County Sexual Offender Registry

To figure out if somebody is a registered sex offender, the most widespread approach is checking the National Sex Offender Registry handled by the U.S. Department of Justice. This extensive database lists convicted sex offenders in the U.S., searchable by numerous criteria. Additionally, Arlington County police or sheriff’s departments maintain lists of registered sex offenders in their areas, offered upon request.

Arlington County Dui/Dwi Info

DUI in Arlington County VA, or driving under the influence, means driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs and is considered a criminal offense. Some jurisdictions likewise criminalize declining chemical tests for blood alcohol content (BAC). Effects of a DUI conviction range from driving opportunity suspensions and fines to imprisonment. Generally, DUI cases are dealt with in lower courts but can intensify to greater courts based on the case’s intensity.

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